Monday, October 24, 2011

Lull Impending

OK, Global Legal Community, given that today was hugely unproductive, and I need the time to do some outlining, I'm officially declaring a weeklong lacuna for this blog, backdated to when I left off last Thursday.  As it happens, it's traditional to take a sabbatical stretch after 1500 opinions or so - give the elves in the server time to get out and stretch their legs, that kind of thing.

When we reboot at the end of the week, I'll post links to all of the opinions that dropped in the interval, so that the search function (see the box near the bottom of the page) will cover the opinions.  I may also do a quick tagging of the opinions to keep the categories somewhat comprehensive. (Though for the purposes of detrimental reliance, as legally unreliable as ever.)


Compiled by D.E. Frydrychowski, who is, not incidentally, not giving you legal advice.

Category tags above are sporadically maintained Do not rely. Do not rely. Do not rely.

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