Friday, May 24, 2013

(Very) Short Form: Friday

Very short form.  Just the list, basically.

First Circuit:

US v. Murphy-Cordero  -- As sentence length was a material term of the deal, court's rejection of the recommendation meant that the appeals waiver was also off.  Sentencing.
Javed v. Holder  -- Immigration
Massachusetts Retirement v. CVS Caremark Corporation  -- Securities class-action - causation
Royal Car Rental, Inc. v. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico  -- No subject matter jurisdiction over actions of successor bank. 

Second Circuit:

Rivera v. United States -- Given limited retroactivity, changes in state drug sentencing laws do not retroactively alter the status of the law as an ACCA predicate.

Third Circuit:

USA v. Mark Ciavarella, Jr.

Fourth Circuit:

VRCompliance LLC v. Homeaway, Inc.
Painter's Mill Grille, LLC v. Howard Brown
Angela Johnson v. American United Life Insurance
Grayson Consulting, Inc. v. Wachovia Securities, LLC 
Malcolm White v. Soudabeh White

Sixth Circuit:

Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison v. Banks 
 In Re: Vertrue Inc. Marketing v. 

Seventh Circuit:

Pedro Ramos v.   City of Chicago

Eighth Circuit (Summary from site):

124020P.pdf  05/24/2013  United States  v.  Jeremiah Wroblewski
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:   12-4020
   U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa, Waterloo   
   [PUBLISHED] [Per Curiam - Before Shepherd, Arnold and Melloy,
   Circuit Judges]
   Criminal case - Sentencing. The district court did not err in imposing a
   special condition of supervised release which ordered defendant to have
   no contact with his girlfriend as he had a history of domestic violence
   and one of his supervised-release violations was related to an altercation
   with the woman; however, that portion of the restriction prohibiting
   defendant from having any contact with her family was more restrictive
   than necessary and is reversed.

Ninth Circuit:


Eleventh Circuit:

Darwin Gilberto Ruiz-Turcios v. U.S. Attorney General
Niny J. Motta v. USA

DC Circuit:

Makhtar Al-Wrafie v. Barack Obama
American Federation of Govern v. Secretary of the Air Force

Apologies for all the short form updates of late -- we try to avoid it, as it makes the tags less useful.  Back to long form next week.  Probably.


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